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Angler: Marko Siemens
Species: Largemouth Bass

Season: Autumn
Where: Private Dam, White River









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About Angling & Outdoor World - Peter Zonneveld, Ronel Zonneveld, Michael Cronje, Werner Wessels all experiences and enthusiastic in the local fishing industry and community in nelspruit (Lowveld) Mbombela Mpumalanga

About Angling & Outdoor World

Nelspruit - Mpumalanga

Peter & Ronel Zonneveld - Angling & Outdoor World in Nelspruit, Lowveld


Peter & Ronel Zonneveld

Peter Zonneveld
Peter, a multiple business owner, is the proprietor of Angling & Outdoor World. His fishing résumé is fairly extensive, having fished for trophy tigers in Cahorra Bassa to targeting Sailfish in Guinjata. His favourite fishing being anywhere on the open sea. “Through Angling & Outdoor World I can share what I get pleasure from with those around me.”


Ronel Zonneveld
Ronel handles the nitty gritty and basic essentials that keep the shop running smoothly. She enjoys casting a line with the boys, and though they’ll deny it, she out-fishes them more than they’d like to admit. “I love talking to the customers, hearing about their adventures and sharing mine.”





Michael Cronje - Angling & outdoor World in nelspruit, Lowveld


Michael Cronje

Michael Cronje

Michael, manager of Angling & Outdoor World, has been in the fishing tackle industry more than 12 years. He spent most of his free time in his younger days stalking bass, angling for carp and fly fishing on pristine stillwaters. He’s lived in the Lowveld for over a decade, and during that time has journeyed to numerous countries including Zambia, Mozambique and Swaziland to target numerous fish species.



Michael’s competitive fishing accolades include 3 Lowveld Bass Trail (LBT) tournament wins as well as 2 LBT “Angler Team of the Year” titles.  He’s also an experienced fly casting instructor, having cut his teeth under some of the best fly fishermen in the country. “Nothing beats that feeling when a customer returns to tell of his or her great catch because of my advice.”



Michael Cronje - Angling & outdoor World in nelspruit, Lowveld


Christo Pretorius

Christo Pretorius


Christo is a young adventure seeker who spends most of his time in the great outdoors, and has spent countless hours fishing in both fresh and saltwater for numerous species. He’s a friendly and confident person who will always lend a helping hand. Christo says, “I don’t go fishing to escape my life, I go fishing to live my life.”






Here at Angling & Outdoor World, our employees are our most important catch. If you embrace the outdoor culture and work with enthusiasm and determination then you might just be a perfect fit for our team at the store. If you would like to submit a résumé for future consideration for Angling & Outdoor World positions should they become available, please submit a cover letter and résumé by email to




Let us know how we can help you live your dream.


Call us at (013) 752-2091 Or email us at


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